Welcome to the Coaching Inner Circle

Add Coaching Principles, Practices and Competencies to Your Personal and Professional Toolkit

Are you interested in professional development that will brand you as an esteemed leader with your boss, direct report, employees and performance teams?

Are you ready to skyrocket your communication and relationship skills on the job and at home?

If I could show you how to coach yourself & coach others to live & work the life you love, would you like to know how?

I’m Jo Romano, Founder of the Coaching Inner Circle and Green Mountain Life Coaching, Consulting & Training and YES, I am ready to teach, coach, & support you on how to coach yourself & others to create the life & work you love.

Why? Because I know many people have a desire to get from unhappiness to joy, from debt to prosperity, from anxiety to peace, and I know that every single person wants to achieve these goals. Whether they admit it or not, everyone wants the keys to joy, peace, freedom & success. 

The simple truth is, no matter how much I love coaching, I can’t coach everyone. So I created the Coaching Inner Circle as a way for successful busy people to learn best practices  in communications and helping people be their best  on and off the job. 

Being a part of this Circle will affirm and anchor you in your own experience, add powerful knowledge, skills and best thinking, give you the best opportunity to apply these new skills in dialogue with like minded colleagues and take away what is most meaningful, relevant and useful to you as you transfer the skills back at work, in the family and in your community.

Who will benefit:

Team Leaders         HR Managers     Supervisors

Team Members       Newly Hired        Facilitators

Employees Across the Ages             Consultants

Trainers          Teachers         Social Workers

Therapists       Counselors         Faith Leaders 

And Parents!

Learn the Art and Science of Coaching others so you can build their performance and personal development--as well as your own!

√  Learn how to coach others

√  Addpacked full toolkit of coaching principles and practices and templates to your professional discipline

√  Transform the way you think about yourself and others and the possibilities in your life

√  Discover how to work well with Difficult People

√ Amp up your listening and communication skills

√  Find ways to respectfully communicate those  difficult conversations

√  Clarify your purpose, direction and role

√  Hold yourself accountable to achieve your  goals

√  Deepen your personal and professional relationships

√  Celebrate what’s going well in the workplace and in your life with colleagues, clients, family and friends

√  Start and prosper in your own coaching practice

"The coaching inner circle program transformed the way I think about myself and absolutely changed the direction of my life. After an intensive eight-month training along with personal and group coaching sessions I now have my own successful coaching business! Jo's skills are phenomenal. She is not only a brilliant coach but also an experienced and highly capable teacher of adults. Jo is just what I needed. She never let me stay stuck and pushed the boundaries of my comfort zone to help me grow. I cannot think of a better or more gifted coach from whom to learn."
Paula Francis
Spiritual Life Coach

Practicing coaching skills is like breathing in clear, fresh air that nourishes and immediately increases energy, decreases stress, boosts your immune system and permanently transforms the way you think, believe, hear and behave.

Coaching identifies your interests, talents, strengths and passions, sets a vision for your future, and uses those strengths and passions to reach that vision and achieve your goals.

But beware!

Along the way there are habits and patterns that get in your way, literally get you stuck and stranded, like procrastination, limited thinking, victim thinking and fear that make it difficult to achieve your goal. 

So you learn how to identify those patterns and the ways to coach yourself right through them and be able to move with ease during the rough times in life and still make great gains–gains that you didn’t even think were possible!

Confront your obstacles & resistance with ease, grace & an Action PLAN!

Coaching builds strong & lasting Relationships

Success becomes easy and effortless because you now have a system and a plan to celebrate what’s working, truly understand and embrace change, set and achieve goals, and make life even better — the possibilities for success are endless because your dreams are endless!

here's what you get

Personal Coaching : 8 coaching sessions with Jo. Experience personal coaching first hand and activate your own coaching skills

More Coaching : 15-minute one-on-one laser coaching with Jo available throughout the 8 months

Group Coaching : One group coaching session a month. You’ll also buddy with a fellow participant and practice, practice, practice!

Learning : Sixteen 60-minute learning sessions, (bi-monthly) via telephone, small group format with committed group members to learn the competencies, tools and techniques of coaching and how to apply it to your work and life
Online learning, through telephone and/or computer and/or cell phone: Learn in the convenience of your home or office. Never taken a teleclass? It’s easy. Jo will show you how

More learning: Thirty minutes of additional help at the end of each class is available for those who just can’t get enough of the coaching application

Practice: Pair with a buddy to apply, practice and play with the coaching skills, techniques and tools
Coach: Coach while you learn offering coaching tools, techniques and support to clients and others
Audio Recordings: Listen at your convenience. All sessions are recorded and available to download following each call in case you have to miss a session or want to listen again. To maintain a confidential environment, your recordings are only available to the members of your group 

Interactive, Take-Action Format: Each teleclass includes opportunities to check in, ask questions, get feedback and try on new ideas. The focus in this program is on learning the competencies and transferring them to your daily work and life. So action oriented tools and strategies will be abundant in this program. All calls are interactive–no boring, one way talking head

Between-Class Emails:  Directly from Jo with additional information and exercises to keep you inspired and on task

Accountability: Assigned tasks, calls, meetings, coaching buddies and a strong team. Designed to give you the accountability you desire to succeed

Feedback: If you have questions or want feedback from the whole group, you have unlimted access to the online discussion forum. Jo will participate actively in this group to keep the momentum going

Support: Support comes in many forms in this program. You get it during the bi-monthly teleclasses, the group coaching calls, by connecting with your buddy (if you want a buddy) and in your personal coaching sessions with Jo

Peer Mastermind: The peer mastermind group focuses on YOUR next steps


Check out this special feature just added to the program:


Coaching Specialties Transcripts & Audios of the First Worldwide Coaching Mastery Tele-Summit on Niches, Specialties and Mastering Your Coaching Competencies –a $397 value!

9 Master Coaches from around the world present their golden nuggets in the following areas of expertise:
-Spirituality Coaching
-Relationship Coaching
-Corporate Coaching
-Creativitiy Coaching
-Financial and Wealth Coaching
-Entrepreneur Coaching
-Wellness Coaching
-Finding Your Life Purpose Coaching
-Parent Coaching
-Sales and Business Coaching
-Career Coaching

Jo assembled 9 Master Coaches from around the world to spill the beans on what it takes to coach in their specialty area. You will have access to every word spoken by these masters on how to coach in these specialty areas.

People are whole human beings with many complex issues. These niches and specialties address areas that people grapple with–get the best of what the experts have to say about what it takes to be a successful coach and how to coach in areas of importance to people.

"Spending eight months as part of Jo's inner circle was a wonderful experience. I use the coaching competencies every day with my husband, children, friends and extended family. I found the listening and speaking skills to be especially helpful when it came to dealing with an aging and difficult mother. Another added benefit of participating in the inner circle is the newfound friends. Thank you Jo for a great coaching journey."
Priscilla Minkin


1: You are a natural coach, people come to you for a listening ear, and you are already supporting them in your work as a professional manager, supervisor, therapist, faith leader, social worker, and parent. You see the absolute benefits for including coaching as a service to your customers, clients and organization

2: You want to experience coaching first hand and be coached and enhance your own abilities to coach yourself and create more success and joy in your own life

3: You are READY to discover something new that will add to your expertise and create excitement and purpose in your life

Committed to your success

Jo Romano
Certified Comprehensive Coach
Certified Adult Dialogue Education Teacher

"You will never know how much your coaching me has helped me discover my true self. Thanks to our time together I am on a path that will lead me to the accomplishment of my life dream. I knew in my heart of hearts for years that coaching and inspiring others to meet their dreams was what I was all about. Now you are helping me get there. I just can't wait to participate in the upcoming coaching inner circle. You are truly an amazing woman as well as an internationally recognized top coach."
Lindel James
Leadership Coach and Strategist


  • You have a sincere desire to learn new skills that successful people are using in their work and life and personal relationships
  • You want to set a vision for your future and a road map to get there with lots of support and accountability built in
  • You want to know what it means to be a coach and how to coach in the common areas that people want and need support with — parenting, money, relationships, health, spirituality, and career to name a few
  • You want to start and succeed at a Coaching Practice
  • You want to model the coaching way with your children, your partner, your friends, family and co-workers
  • You will commit to fully participate in the group, share what you know, support others, and make some changes of your own 
"The last 16 months with Jo Romano have been what I needed to understand the coaching world. I have been through eight months of sessions with her and I continue to take advantage of all her new and exciting programs. She is a true coach. She is human and real. The inner circle gave me insights to coaching that I did not receive in my actual coaching school. If you are looking for marketing confidence or how-to, the inner circle is the vehicle in which to get all your questions answered and curiosity revived. I have developed a true love for coaching through her passion and joy. Dig in and explore your new passion for coaching, whether you are curious, for a personal use or professional use the inner circle will influence your life for the better."
Allison Stuart
Parent Coach : The Connected Life, St George, Utah


If you do the work & attend the sessions & by the second class you still feel that you did not receive what you had hoped,I will refund the cost of the program!

"When I went to see Jo I was feeling stuck and kind of desperate. I have been at the same crossroads several other times and had been unable to choose a direction and go with it. Our time together got me going. Jo help me set some realistic goals and see the importance of accountability, but most importantly she helped me see what I was stuck to. With that knowledge I have been able to take some new important steps toward my goal."
Higher Ed Program Coordinator, Teacher

are you ready?

Call Jo at 802 522 8498 to get your questions answered  and to sign up!

To your professional and personal success!